Midland Properties is a real estate investment firm focused on underperforming and undervalued assets throughout the United States. Our company concentrates on middle-market assets that offer intrinsic long-term value.We focus primarily on assets that have been neglected by traditional institutional investors because of capital market conditions, derisory capitalization, destabilized leasing, accelerated acquisition time frames, prior mismanagement or other special situations. Our investments include multifamily, office, retail, industrial and mixed-use properties in all levels of the capital structure

One of Midland Properties primary focuses is proper property evaluations and financial analysis with emphasis on true rate of return. Midland Properties is experienced in all aspects of Real Estate including new construction, such as creating luxury residential apartments or town houses to commercial retail centers and office buildings.


Strategic Approach

Midland Properties focuses on maximizing risk-adjusted returns by relying on a fundamental value approach to investing. Our astute team discerns value and risk across US markets and selects the most attractive investment opportunities within the prevailing market environments. We pride ourselves in;

•    Proficiency in repositioning and strategic capital improvements to enhance or reinforce the property's desirability to national or regional tenants within the real estate market.
•    Operating improvements that reduce operating costs, increase energy efficiency, and improve sustainability
•    Redevelopment and select development when appropriate, given market conditions.
•    Active leasing of vacant and rollover space to credit tenants at market- leading rental rates and terms

Extensive Relationships

Throughout the experience of the Midland Properties team, we continued to build broad-based, substantive industry relationships with operating partners, advisors, agents, lenders, investors and corporate/institutional owners of real estate. We strategically utilize these relationships for our clients and partner’s advantage.

Competitive Advantages

Midland Properties believes that it has a reputation for integrity, reliability, creative problem-solving and performing under limited time constraints. Our success can be attributed to the fact that we are small enough to move quickly, and are flexible enough for the right opportunity. We do not get bogged down with corporate policies.

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